Let us calculate.

LaTeX on Calculemus

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Calculemus! is set up to display mathematical symbols using LaTeX, when viewed in Firefox* or IExplorer+MathML. (This is how I did it.) If you are contributing posts or comments here, just type your pretty LaTeX code between dollar-signs.

Enter this: To get this:
<li> $\nabla (x=y)$</li>
<li> $\hat{x}[\nabla(x=a)]b$</li>
<li> $\lnot \nabla(a=a)$</li>
<li> $\lnot\hat{x}[\nabla(x=a)]a$</li>
<li> $a \neq b$</li>
<li> $\Delta (a\neq b)$</li>
  1. $\nabla (x=y)$
  2. $\hat{x}[\nabla(x=a)]b$
  3. $\lnot \nabla(a=a)$
  4. $\lnot\hat{x}[\nabla(x=a)]a$
  5. $a \neq b$
  6. $\Delta (a\neq b)$

It works in the posts and the comments as well, but in the comment-writing mode it will show just the code (see the post in full-view mode for the magic).

See this page for the supported LaTeX commands, and don’t forget to check out Peter Smith‘s LaTeX for Logicians page.

* For me it looks best when viewed in Firefox, with ClearType turned on.


Written by Stefan Ionescu

Aprilie 14, 2005 la 6:51 pm

Publicat în Blog, EN, Geekery

2 răspunsuri

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  1. Argumentul lui Gareth Evans, „Can there be Vague Objects?”, impotriva existentei obiectelor vagi 🙂

    the mad hatter

    Decembrie 20, 2008 at 10:39 pm

  2. 🙂

    Stefan Ionescu

    Decembrie 21, 2008 at 11:34 am

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