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Good times, bad times

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From Peter Simons, “Whose Fault? The Origins and Evitability of the Analytic-Continental Rift”, International Journal of Philosophical Studies 9 (2001): 295-311 (at 307f):

Russell reads Husserl in 1903, not 1918, writes a large multi-part article for Mind, ‘Husserl’s Theory of Meaning and Universals’, and ‘On Denoting’ discusses Husserl rather than Meinong or Frege; there is no world war, and on the death of Franz Joseph in 1916 Austria becomes a constitutional federal monarchy with Bohemia, Hungary and Croatia joining Austria and Galicia in a Danube Confederation rivalling the constitutional Russian Empire which by now has a liberal, naturalist, anti-Christian Nietzschean ideology; French anti-Semitism drives her best thinkers into the Danube and Russian Confederations; Japan and the USA conclude a Pacific treaty in 1920 and America turns her back on Europe; in 1926 Bertrand Russell becomes Ernst Mach Professor of the Philosophy of Inductive Sciences in Vienna; in 1928 Jean Nicod becomes Husserl’s successor in Göttingen, cooperating with Hilbert on the logic and geometry of manifolds; in 1935 Frank Ramsey becomes Knightbridge Professor of Philosophy in Cambridge just as the steel magnate Ludwig Wittgenstein extends his father’s business empire into Russia, and as Monsignor Martin Heidegger becomes cardinal archbishop of Cologne; the exiled French socialists and pieds noirs go to London and found a pub culture of literary philosophy, outshining native Oxbridge obsession with ethics and epistemology; America retains its naïve pragmatist empiricism and sees no need to borrow reactionary European logic; Quine, unable to get a position in the USA, follows Carnap to the Berlin school of logic, now rivalling the Russo-Polish school in Warsaw; after the proclamation of Vienna as the capital of a new federal Europe, France secedes and declares herself part of North Africa, the Sorbonne becoming a centre of petty anti-Semitism and fourth-rate ideology; Leeds becomes a hotbed of anti-intellectual Central-Scottish post-structuralism, appointing the exiled Algerian and naturalized Scot Jacques Derrida to the Billy Connolly Chair of Deconstructive Rowdyism.

What kind of thing would they call „water”?


Written by Stefan Ionescu

August 25, 2007 la 7:41 am

Publicat în EN, Fun

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