Let us calculate.

Whereof one cannot speak

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Last evening we watched Derek Jarman’s Wittgenstein (you can watch it online here). Mr. Green, the little green man from Mars shewn in the movie, reminded me of what I have been desperately trying to forget since I went home in December.

It was the kind of conversation one has in a train; the guy asked me what philosophy was. Tired as I was, I tried the ol’ Metaphysics on him:

„You know, we try to find out whether there is a rhinoceros in this room are any things beyond the reach of science, things science couldn’t possibly say whether they exist or not…”

His eyes shine the light of understanding:

„I see… you’re the ones telling whether there are any UFOs or not… By the way, what do you think about this? Are there any?”

I wished he’d shewn me the V-sign


Written by Stefan Ionescu

Ianuarie 15, 2008 la 3:37 pm

Publicat în EN, Fun, Philosophy at CEU

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