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LaTeX for Blogger (2)

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Following up on this post, I proudly present to you

Update, 12/4: folded for faster loading 😉 better see this summary anyway.
Click to unfold.

Method 3: If you use Firefox, or IExplorer + MathML, you can take advantage of Jeff Kinsley’s LaTeXMathML script (again, it can be downloaded, or you can use his server to resolve the $\LaTeX$ code.
This is how it renders the same PM definition:

$ \displaystyle{ *14\cdot 01\quad[(\iota x)\phi x].\psi(\iota x)\phi x.=:(\exists b):\phi x.\equiv x.x=b:\psi b\quad\textrm{Df}} $

For now I’m using Jeff Kinsley’s server my googlepage, and it takes a few seconds before the equation is displayed.

Note 1: Plain IExplorer users won’t see the displayed equation, but a meaningless string 😛

Note 2: As you can see, it does work in the comments, when they are displayed in the full post view!


Written by Stefan Ionescu

Aprilie 1, 2008 la 8:05 pm

Publicat în EN, Geekery

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  1. Does it work in comments? Let’s see… $\forall x$.

    Stefan Ionescu

    Aprilie 1, 2008 at 8:25 pm

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