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Saturday Links: 6-21-2008

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  • Tom Kington reports for The Observer on the abuses against rroma in Rome (6-12):

    The fact that many of those targeted are Italian citizens also appears to offer little protection. Alessandro, like the rest of the Gypsy group, was born in Italy and carries an Italian passport. Not surprisingly, he is furious. ‘I did my military service, I vote and I would like a few rights,’ he said.

  • Gregory Paul and Phil Zuckerman: „Why The Gods Are Not Winning„, for the Edge:

    In the end what humanity chooses to believe will be more a matter of economics than of debate, deliberately considered choice, or reproduction. The more national societies that provide financial and physical security to the population, the fewer that will be religiously devout. The more that cannot provide their citizens with these high standards the more that will hope that supernatural forces will alleviate their anxieties. It is probable that there is little that can be done by either side to alter this fundamental pattern.

  • From the Boston Globe: Napping: the how & the why [via Neurophilosophy].
  • And Jane E. Brody, for the NY Times (6-17): „Cancer as a Disease, Not a Death Sentence” [HT: George]:

    Through a better understanding of factors that distinguish cancer cells from normal ones and the development of more specific treatments that capitalize on those differences, cancers that just a decade ago would have been rapidly fatal are now being controlled for years while the patients conduct near-normal lives.

    Although these cancers may never be curable, they can often be controlled for long periods by a succession of treatments. When one therapeutic approach no longer works, another one that has come along in the meantime might stop the disease from progressing, at least for a while.


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iunie 21, 2008 la 8:00 am

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