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Remember when you were crying because your mind-blowing, beautifully TeX-ed essay was rejected by the Phil. Rev. because it grossly exceeded the target length? Neither do I (well, they don’t accept TeX files anyway, but, hey, does that mean it’s not metaphysically possible?). Back from Twin Earth. In case you consider TeX-ing your dissertation, the word count is crucial, especially if you’re a lazy bastard who always aims at the minimal requirements (like me). How can you tell when you’ve reached the blesseth 60k words limit?

Fear not, your tranquility is not at risk anymore, for I’ve found two neat counting tools for LaTeX documents on teh Intertubes:

They’re both platform-independent, seem to work for Romanian, too, and really easy to use. The Java version seems to overestimate a bit, and maybe the Pearl version slightly underestimates the count, but, hey, for us, Windoes loosers, it’s waaaaay better than the ol’ copy-paste-Alt+T-W routine.


Written by Stefan Ionescu

Iulie 8, 2008 la 9:30 am

Publicat în EN, Geekery

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  1. 60k words? Your lower limit is only 60k words!?!


    Octombrie 4, 2008 at 6:24 am

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