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A History of Goodies

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A very useful resource (which I have known for quite a while but failed to mention here) is Steve Bayne’s HYST-Analytic, „an attempt at bringing together resources useful to historians of analytical philosophy”:

The purpose of Hist-Analytic is to engage in discussion pertinent to the history of analytical philosophy. The list is particularly geared to subscribers committed to a belief in the value of the Internet; but who have a desire to learn more, and say more, about philosophers in the analytical tradition including Wm. James, G. E. Moore, Bertrand Russell, Meinong, Ryle, Samuel Alexander, G. F. Stout, Elizabeth Anscombe etc. Of course, all are welcome. [from „The purpose of HYST-Analytic„]

These resources are truly invaluable, including some hard to find essays gracefully made available by the Aristotelian Society from the society’s famous Proceedings. Though the website is not very systematic, and a bit difficult to use, do take your time to check it out!


Written by Stefan Ionescu

Iulie 12, 2008 la 6:06 pm

Publicat în EN, Resources

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