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Saturday Links: 7-12-2008

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Maria L. La Ganga wrote an article on John Perry‘s and Ken Taylor‘s Philosophy Talk radio show for the LA Times (7-5):

In this celebrity-soaked era, when Americans seem to spend more time pondering whether Britney Spears’ underwear exists than whether God does, these two Stanford philosophy professors take on everything from the weighty to the winsome. […] They’ve prodded political correctness, postmodernism and prostitution. They’ve wondered aloud: „Can science explain consciousness?” „If Truth is so valuable, why is there so much B.S.?” „What are numbers?” „What is a child?”

Too bad that listening to the show requires a subscription 😦 [via Brian Leiter]

Update on the Quine centenary: Jason Stanley has made available the short talk he gave in Princeton; check out this interesting discussion @ Leiter Reports.


Written by Stefan Ionescu

Iulie 12, 2008 la 9:45 am

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