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Project Gutenberg Becomes a Research Tool

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Project Gutenberg seems to be taking steps in the right direction: the newest additions in the non-fiction categories and HTML format have become useful as research tools because they display page numbers. For instance, check out Bertrand Russell’s Mysticism and Logic, released in May; follow the TOC hyperlinks to p. 180, (re-)read „On the Notion of Cause”, and report back here with an answer to Russell’s argument, pronto!

Some other philosophy titles that I could find were Descartes’ Discourse on the Method (1849 Newcombe edn.) and Hume’s Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding (1902 Selby-Bigee edn.). Some nice titles in the science section: Lyell’s Student’s Elements of Geology, Darwin’s Origin of Species (2nd ed.), or Wallace’s Contributions to the Theory of Natural Selection. I suspect there are more out there; if you find interesting stuff I didn’t mention, please drop a comment.

Maybe they’re gonna re-format the rest of the classics as well; it doesn’t seem right to pay up to $50 for a book in the public domain just to be able to make accurate references, no matter how good the 200 pages of editor’s stuff are…


Written by Stefan Ionescu

iulie 14, 2008 la 5:54 pm

Publicat în EN, Resources

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