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Useful Resources for Utilitarians

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Utilitarian Philosophers is a huge collection of resources for the study of philosophers associated with utilitarian ethics (Hume, Bentham, Godwin, James and J.S. Mill, Sidgwick, Hare, and Singer), created and maintained by Pablo Stafforini. The site features extensive collections of links to on- and off-site works by and about the philosophers, as well as announcements of various events related to moral philosophy. Also, it’s a nice little piece of minimalistic eye-candy, if you’re into this sort of things…

Oh, and Pablo Stafforini is looking for someone willing to take over the maintenance of the site. So, if you’re interested and have some technical knowledge, contact him.


Written by Stefan Ionescu

septembrie 4, 2008 la 7:14 pm

Publicat în EN, Moral Matters, Resources

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