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Before I Lose My Mind…

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  • Times New Roman is NOT a font for web use. In fact it’s not a real font at all, and NOT EVEN suited for bloody seminar handouts and papers. If your life depends on using a serif font for web pages, try Georgia for a change. Better yet, use a nice sans. For printed work, try real fonts.
  • Underlining is a primitive means of emphasizing text, way back when we wrote on cave walls, or on paper, by hand or by typewritter. It should NOT be used with computers AT ALL.
  • One way of emphasizing text is ENOUGH. Do you like this bloody mess? It looks like CRAP, especially on screen. Oh, and use emphasis CONSISTENTLY and WITH RESTRAINT. Test question: how many ways of emphasizing are used in this text?
  • Try to think the graphical adornments of your texts before typing them. Crap software like MS Word and the Netscape Web editor are really stupid, and can’t appreciate humans changing their minds. You don’t want to know the code after you changed
    • font face;
    • font size;
    • font decoration

    several times. Hell, even Derrida makes sense in comparison.

  • Chapter, section, subsection etc. headers are used for SECTIONING a larger text. They’re not just ornamental. You DON’T change their size and placement, and DON’T emphasize them by hand. Even the crap software you use can automatically set sections.

Please excuse me, I have to do some heavy drinking right now.


Written by Stefan Ionescu

septembrie 6, 2008 la 6:38 pm

Publicat în Blah, EN, Geekery

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