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Epistemology: 5 Questions is out

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A while back I drew your attention to the forthcoming epistemology book in the 5 Questions series edited by Vincent Hendricks. Now professor Hendricks lets me know it’s out! [Amazon]

This should be a fun read, with 29 leading epistemologists answering questions about what drew them to epistemology, how the see the scope, aims and future of the discipline, and so on:

Epistemology: 5 Questions
Edited by Vincent F. Hendricks & Duncan Pritchard
ISBN: 978-87-92130-07-5
List Price: $38 / £28
372 pages
New York, London: Automatic Press / VIP

Epistemology: 5 Questions is a collection of short interviews based on 5 questions presented to some of the most influential and prominent scholars in epistemology. We hear their views on epistemology with particular emphasis on the intersection between mainstream and formal approaches to the field; the aim, scope, the future direction of epistemology and how their work fits in these respects.


Written by Stefan Ionescu

Septembrie 8, 2008 la 11:27 am

Publicat în Epistemology, Propaganda

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  1. Great! Alexandru Baltag „made the list”! Pacat ca nu am reusit sa gasesc o pagina personala (pentru articole online) 😦

    the mad hatter

    Septembrie 9, 2008 at 3:22 pm

  2. Sounds good. I saw on Amazon that the book is out of stock, though.


    Septembrie 9, 2008 at 3:47 pm

  3. Da, se pare ca cei de la OxComp işi schimba site-ul (Alexandru Baltag avea o pagină personală, dar n-o mai găsesc).

    Celelalte cărţi din seria 5 Questions au fragmente din interviuri pe site-urile lor, probabil că şi asta va avea în curând. Şi unii dintre cei intervievaţi au puse ciornele pe net 😉


    Septembrie 9, 2008 at 4:57 pm

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