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Sunday links

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Sunday links are a kind of Saturday links, only Sundaier – lazy, shallow, and self-content as if after a confession. Imagines I.

1. It’s been all over the web, so we too should mention Fodor’s review of Andy Clark’s latest attempt to supersize the mind,  and the reply by Chalmers.

2. Thanks – again – to Mind Hacks I read a letter published in Science by a neuroscientist and a theologian, arguing against the dualism which some religious people use as a refuge from the results of neuroscience.

3. John Tierney continues to write about the risks of politicizing science.

4. Speaking of which, Amanda Gefter gives a few hints in the New Scientist on how to read a religious agenda between the lines of texts that claim to be scientific.

5. Scientific American asks if octopuses are smart, and Jennifer Mather, who knows them well, tries to answer .

6. Julian Barnes manages in the NYRB to save Orwell from national-treasure status.

7. Next time you hear about Italian invitations to a” Holocaust of Romanians”, refer to this article on Italy’s decline, written by Perry Anderson for the LRB. Sadly, it will all become clearer.

8. The Faculty of Philosophy @ the University of Bucharest announces, on its homepage, a symposium on the 150th birthday of Darwin’s Origin of Species. It’s supposed to be organized by the Faculty of Biology – I couldn’t find anything on FB’s website. (Ştie cineva mai mult?)


Written by George

Martie 1, 2009 la 6:39 pm

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  1. Clark replies to Fodor’s review in a letter to LRB. Here.


    Martie 22, 2009 at 7:57 pm

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