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Dennis Deletant despre Ion Antonescu @ CEU/Istorie

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Dennis Deletant at CEU Budapest on 1 October 2009

Pe 1 octombrie, Dennis Deletant, prof. de studii româneşti la UCL (vezi de ex.), ţine o conferinţă despre dictatura antonesciană la CEU. Conferinţa este organizată de dept. de istorie (C. Iordachi) şi se va desfăşura începând cu 5:30 pm în sala Hanak. Site-ul evenimentului aici.

Iată abstractul:

Ion Antonescu was a complex and inconsistent figure. Under his leadership Romania joined the Tripartite Pact on 23 November 1940 as a sovereign state, participated in the attack on the Soviet Union on 22 June 1941 as an equal partner of Germany, and was never occupied by the Wehrmacht. Antonescu enjoyed Hitler’s personal respect. He headed the third-largest Axis army in the European war: 585,000 Romanian troops participated in the attack on the Soviet Union in June-October 1941. Under his rule Romania sustained the German war effort with oil and other raw materials. All of this places Romania on a par with Italy as a principal ally of Germany and not in the category of minor Axis satellite

Yet Antonescu inherited the Axis alignment, which is not to say that he saw an alternative to it, and he bore no responsibility for the internal political chaos he was called upon to manage in September 1940. This is one major paradox of his regime. There were others. He was a war criminal, sending tens of thousands of Jews to their death in Transnistria, and yet he refused to send other Romanian Jews to the death camps in Poland. He was an anti-Semite and yet, despite the deportations to Transnistria, more Jews survived under his rule than in any other country within Axis Europe. While up to 300,000 Jews were victims of Antonescu’s policies, some 375,000 Jews are estimated to have survived, principally in Wallachia, Moldavia and southern Transylvania He led for five months a Fascist-style government, yet in January 1941 he removed that government in three days of street fighting and replaced it with a military dictatorship. These inconsistencies were known but could not be fully explored until the downfall of Communism in Romania opened archives. This presentation is based on such an exploration.


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